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Enbisys is a software development company who built highload web and mobile applications. With Enbisys you have a solid development partner that supports your business strategy. Count on us if your business needs a robust and scalable application to stay ahead of your competitors. We believe that cooperation, competence, dedication and anticipation is required for software which is a long time in market. Working together will shift your business into higher gear.

Collective development

The key item to optimize the result is actively collaborate to achieve the common goal. It is therefore important that the development process is seamlessly connected with your business process.


Why Enbisys

We understand that the market will not wait for you, that investors will keep your business under pressure and/or that your clients will not accept low performing applications. We’re committed to work and perform under high pressure. At Next Drive we work with the best people with excellent technical skills.


What we do?

- developing superior software quality
- designing software with a long time-in-market
- retaining a flexible software development workforce
- establishing a partnership for joint development
- tackling your complex technical challenges


Client Cases

In education, Enbisys is the development partner of an e-learning company. This supplier has a mission to improve the quality of primary education by making a tablet-based teaching solution. We are proud to be the development partner.

Case e-learning - Architecture & .Net developement - 



Collective development

Effective teamwork is key in accomplishing shared goals. Therefore, it’s important to establish a seamless connection between the development process and the clients’ business process.

Our developers and your business professionals work closely together in a project development team. Team members share ideas, information and responsibilities; our (dedicated) experts are responsible for technical input. Note that our work method goes far beyond outsourcing (subcontracting). Instead, we offer clients a dedicated team of software developers: reliable partners in software development who support your business strategy.

Our method yields results with a high impact. Count on us for superior software quality, delivered by our highly qualified engineers. Our contribution is to deliver software that is robust, scalable and maintainable. Once we’ve written the code, we continuously monitor the quality of the software.

Our method, step by step

  1. Scan
    Understand each other's business, learn the requirements, learn current application/IT solution, explain application environment and challenges, technical audit of application
  2. Pilot
    Build and deliver a (small) valuable change in de application
  3. Contract
    Determine scope and required development capacity and setup contract
  4. Setup dedicated team
    Create profile, invite candidates, create work location
  5. Setup virtual development room
    Create network connection and install communication tools
  6. Continuous delivery
    Start development, sprint planning, unambiguous list of demands, priorities requirements, plan, deliver outstanding software including (unit)testing, retrospective and demo
  7. Evaluate
    Business (contract)review, improve, adapt, change, create roadmap and measure quality


A dedicated development team is formed. The team can be upsized or downsized, depending on your specific needs. In an environment of rich communication and shared responsibility, our people will work closely together with yours. There will be direct communication at all times. While on different locations, the members of the development team will share the same goals, do the same work and depend on one another for success. The development team will take full responsibility and shared ownership to achieve committed results.

Why it works

Our development process enables rapid learning and improvement through short iteration cycles. We’re 100 dedicated to the development team effort. With all team members equally committed, Collective Application Development guarantees a speedy and flexible process.

Unique method

  • Engineers and client share the same work environment, they use the standards and tools desired by the client
  • Periodical evaluation of the technology: architecture and software (code quality)
  • Periodical evaluation of the development process
  • Commitment to a quick respondse to customer demands
  • Experience driven assessment of the project to improve the cooperation; input is the lessons learned and risk associated with previous projects
  • Outstanding communication platform for interaction
  • No separate code ownership; both sides work from one repository
  • Set up of one dashboard for monitoring status: burn-down chart, velocity team, quality, test reports, performance etc.


Our method, Collective Application Development, has the following benefits:

  • Flexible capacity as the business grows the team grows (or vice versa)
  • In-depth knowledge about the latest technologies and the impact of changes on technology is available
  • Experienced engineers deliver robust applications
  • Direct interaction between the members of the development team



Why Enbisys

We understand that the market will not wait for you, that investors will keep your business under pressure and/or that your clients will not accept low performing applications. We’re committed to work and perform under high pressure. At Next Drive we work with the best people with excellent technical skills. Software developing is complex but we’re up to the challenge.

Building software, redesigning applications: our people are experienced and have the right problem solving skills. Count on us to come up with solutions. Communication is vital in the development process: we like to communicate in a straightforward, honest and clear manner. As a client, you know what to expect. We keep our promises.

Our team: outstanding people

Our developers have outstanding technical skills and experience. They all hold university degrees and are highly qualified for the job. All of our staff have on average over five years of development experience. Following the values of our organization, they are result oriented and driven to excel. All developers speak English fluently.

Superior (product) quality

We find a software solution for your specific needs. Testing is an integral part of the development work. But not all issues will be found by testing software. The quality of the code produced by the development team must be continuously monitored. It is essential that the product becomes as robust as the business, and that data will grow. The time-to-market is important, but the time-in-market is equally important. High quality is the secret ingredient for faster delivery. We do our best to prevent instability for our clients; by continuously monitoring the software on key indicators, we avert a large number of recurring bugs and performance issues.

The highest productivity

In keeping with the lean manufacturing philosophy of maximizing the output, the team needs to build the most valuable functionality first. Requirements have to be fulfilled before the start. After each iteration, the development team evaluates and determines possible improvements. Dispensable elements will be removed in communication, process and technology.

Efficient working method: client teams

Each client has his own development team, allowing team members to focus on the development for one particular client. Team members work in an environment of rich communication and shared responsibilities. Because planning starts with understanding the long-term vision and short-term goals of the client, the team is able to make informed decisions in their daily work.

Excellent communication

In client teams, team members communicate in English. Specific, frequently used technical words will be learned quickly. Communication equipment enables local team members to stay in close contact with those abroad; the virtual development room is created so that communication within the team is no problem at all.


What we do

Enbisys develops and supports high load web systems and mobile applications for organizations fitting their specific needs. All products we (help) develop are owned by our clients. Our clients call in our developers either in addition to their existing team, or as a complete development team.

Software Development

For companies envisioning to build a new business, entering a new market, or wishing to increase their market share. We transform your bright idea into a reality with new or adjusted applications. We develop robust software that performs, and that’s ready for the future. We will maximize the productivity for a short time to market.

Software Redesign

Next Drive improves and updates applications and technologies for organizations that need scalable, maintainable application that will perform. Our Software Application Migration service helps you to keep your legacy application available, while leverage on the performance potential of the latest technologies. Next Drive handles the migration, re-engineering and refactoring of existing applications and upgrades them to the latest (open) technologies.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is a critical part of any business. Your business needs changes constantly. And so do the demands on your software. NextDrive will adjust your software or develop additional features as needed. We’ll make sure that your software keeps serving your business.



  • .NET Technologies - C#
  • VB.NET
  • Silverlight


  • EJB/Java EE, Spring
  • Hibernate
  • GlassFish, JBoss/Wildfly, Tomcat,
  • JSF/JSP, GWT/Vaadin, JavaFX
  • Scala/Akka, Lambas
  • Apache Spark
  • GWT + Material design


  • HTML5
  • TypeScript, EcmaScript 6
  • CSS3 / LESS / SAAS
  • Require JS, npm
  • BootStrap
  • Knockout JS, Angular JS, React JS


  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Mobile platform:

  • Android and iOS

High scalable and high load architecture design:

  • SOA, ESB, SAAS, Cloud

Deep learning:

  • Cafee / nVidia Numbers
  • Tensorflow
  • DL4J

Research & Development capability:

  • Hypothesis proof
  • Rapid prototyping


For whom we develop


For over five years, we have been responsible for the software development for Dotweb. Dotweb is a Dutch software company that offers companies an application that enables them to track the health and absence information of their employees. We support Dotweb with the creation of new modules, enabling Dotwebs clients to improve Human Resources efficiency and save on their employers’ costs.

Promedico had an extensive user growth caused the web application to hit its limits, requiring a redesign and refactoring of their healthcare web application. We executed the development, achieving our goals to improve the scalability, performance and maintainability. We changed the underlying technologies and frameworks while we kept the application available for the users. The developers from our center are now part of the development team.

Next Drive is also the development partner for e-health startup PulseMe. The mission of this company is to facilitate and enhance the contact between caregivers and patients. To realize this idea we have developed a video consult system, which is available as a web application as well as a version for android and iOS mobile devices.


In education, Next Drive is the development partner of a scalable software platform since the startup. This company has a mission to improve the quality of primary education by making a tablet-based teaching solution. The tablet serves as an interactive (smart) replacement of existing books. We have built and support this high load web applications with the latest (mobile) technologies. In the Netherlands there is a fast rollout of the application and the rollout in other European countries has started. Read this succesfull client story.


Enbisys has locations in the Netherlands and the Russian Federation. Our team consists of around 30 development professionals, including developers, software architects, software engineers, and project managers. We work for organizations whose core business is software development, as well as organizations that need software or applications to transform their ambitions into tangible results. 

Arjan Heijl (Managing Director NL)

Management professional with over 10 years experience in software development of web applications. Supports businesses to realize their (IT) mission, focusing on a good connection between business and development and the realization of robust applications with a good performance. He is obsessed with improving the process of software development in organizations.

He has extensive experience in healthcare IT, worked for Promedico ICT bv, CompuGroup Medical (Microbais) and Saltro. This experience and knowledge is now being used to make development assignments to a success. In addition, Arjan is involved in launching innovative e-health products.

Arjan is now responsible for Next Drive b.v.. Next Drive means: shift into the next gear. This name reflects our mission: providing development support that enables businesses to turn into the next gear within their market. Our idea is to support your development team with the experienced software developers you can’t find locally. The origin of our software development center in Tomsk is based on many years of cooperation (in NL) between the initiators of Next Drive. Enbisys is a trademark of Next Drive bv.

Dmitry Bubnov

Technical leader, highly qualified in project management, team building and operations. Over 11 years of experience in IT as senior developer, Project Manager, Technical officer. Proven ability to analyze and manage critical situations, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities. Develops innovative solutions to improve quality, performance, stability and scalability. Extensive experience in building teams for various projects in different domains: healthcare, education, oil and gas as well as web startups.

Previous positions at Cybernatic Center, Parallels Inc. and the Russian IT Company FlexSoft, where he was CEO. Now, at Enbisys, he delivers professional teams of varied IT-experts: project managers, architects, developers, Q&A engineers etc.

Maxim Usov

Accomplished leader in software engineering and program management with a proven track record in planning and developing advanced enterprise software systems. Experienced in startups as well as large corporations.

Complete expertise in all aspects of IT, ranging from electronic circuits, machine codes, low-level chip programming, operation system core (including developing) to hi-level enterprise platforms and OOP and SCRUM methods. Is a trained SCRUM-master.

Four years of work experience in Netherlands as technical lead/scrum master/architect.

Good knowledge of the domain of the Dutch healthcare market.



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